Firma is a space dedicated to creating and making.
We offer an inspiring workspace for independent makers, designers and creative businesses. Already have an office? No worries, you're always welcome to stop by for an occasional meeting or cappuccino at the lunchbar. Or why not host a big event in one our industrial halls? 


Firma was founded when an industrial building, very typical for the area, got a new destination as co-work and meeting space. Two big halls, an old showroom and hangar, got freshened up and are used to accommodate large professional and private events. 


Our offices and meeting room are well equipped to get you through the workday. We offer free use of wifi, water and filtered coffee for you and your coworkers. For extra pampering, tools or brainfood, be sure to contact us for a personalized offer. 


You can rent our different meeting rooms per day for brainstorms, presentations or other group sessions. Add barista breaks and a healthy Cantine lunch to treat your colleagues and get the most out of your day. 

coffee & food

Cantine is our very own in-house lunchbar and catering company. Our chefs serve a balanced, vegetarian menu full of healthy treats and tasty flavors inspired by
the seasons.

Next to preparing daily brainfood - think morning shakes, uplifting cappuccino’s, healthy lunch and Fika as it should be - we know how to cater a party and host fancy dinners.

We strongly believe there is no need to harm animals
to serve you a delicious meal so our own kitchen is exclusively vegetarian.


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