Application Form Firma Residency 17-18


What's in it for me?

We are offering a starter a one year residency at Firma for someone with an idea, plan, project that aims to make it reality. We gathered a group of enthousiasts from different domaines and our very own in-house talent to back up this fresh starter. We’ll help him, her or them face the challenges of starting up, getting in contact with the right people - connecting the dots. 

We hope to collaborate on ideas, listen to new insights and have them tap into experience of others.

Let’s recapitulate, what do you get?
A desk that you can call home for a year
Full acces to the Firma co-workspace & ateliers
Mentorship by a set of partners from different domaines
The possibility to show your work in our expo spaces
The chance to speak to a select crowd at one of the firma talk nights

DEADLINE for applications: 30th of September 2017

Who are you?
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What is your idea?
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